Trips & Kit

For upcoming trips see the google calendar on the left or visit the Current Programme page.


As a member you benefit from a varied programme of trips cheap as chips. Each price quoted includes:
Transport ( + petrol + mileage)
Basic accommodation, where necessary
Boat hire
Buoyancy aid
spray deck use (we recommend you get your own)
Flapjacks if you’re lucky

A few points:

Book early!
We require a non-returnable deposit to arrive in our account at least 5 working days before the trip starts, though we recommend this is paid earlier to guarantee your place on the trip.

Different trips are suitable for different levels of paddlers. Each trip will be advertised accordingly. If you have any hesitations or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The trips organised should reflect the Edge membership – please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Please see our kit checklist for details. You will need to bring the basics yourself, including thermals, shoes, towel, thermos, food etc. If you don’t have your own kit and would like to borrow, not sure what to bring or want advice get in touch.

Due to the nature of the sport, trips are subject to last minute cancellations due to weather conditions/AOG. Wherever possible we will try to revert to Plan B!

Kit advice

On most occasions the club can provide the following equipment to club members:
• Buoyancy Aids (keeps you floating if you capsize)
• Canoes/Kayaks
• Paddles
• Spray Decks (keeps water out of your boat)
• Splash Cags (keeps the wind off you)
• Helmets

Essential Kit you must provide yourself:
• Neoprene shoes or old trainers
• Warm suitable tops -Ones that retain warmth when wet is best eg fleeces, thermals etc
• Shorts/trousers that you don’t mind getting wet
• Warm dry change of clothing
• !No speedos allowed!

Optional Kit *
• Dry suit- Great for keeping your whole body warm and dry even if you swim (but fairly expensive). Great for white water/surf.
• Wetsuit- a cheaper option than a dry suit if you are not yet prepared to invest in a drysuit. Important to have either a wetsuit or a drysuit for white water/surf if you think you might swim!
• Dry Cag- Will keep your whole body totally dry so long as you stay in your boat and dont swim. Highly recommended item of kit for anyone who wants to progress. Although it doesnt come cheap it’s much more economical than a whole dry suit and makes a really big difference. Can be combined with thermal tops and/or wetsuit for added warmth.

* these items are not required for all activities but may well be essential for some activities and trips. We will let you know in advance if a certain activity or trip requires this extra equipment. If you wish to purchase any canoeing kit, Edge have negotiated club discounts with several canoe retailers – contact us for details.

Extra Trip Kit and Provisions:
• On overnight trips we may camp or stay in caravans etc. The club expects you to provide all your own camping and equipment (tents, sleeping bags etc). Again, we may well be able to help out and lend some kit to those who dont have their own on a best endeavour basis. We will let you know in advance if we are camping/caravaning so you have time to get hold of any kit you will need.
• Food is never provided as part of the trip costs unless stated otherwise.


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