FAQ for new members

What does membership cover?

Lots. See the membership page.

How can I become a coach?

Be keen and over 16.
See the coaching & training page

How can I become a better paddler?

  • Ask a coach at the next club night to teach you something new.
  • Sign up to a trip – ask a coach which ones would be good for you. Trips are fantastic for variety, showing what’s possible, and finding out what sort of canoeing you like
  • Do a training course. Even if you don’t care for qualifications, the BCU training programmes make sense and strengthen your abilities. The club can arrange these or point you in the direction of where to go.

Can I use equipment outside of club sessions?

Yes! See the equipment & hire page.

Can I bring a friend?

Friends and familty are most welcome on club nights. We can take anyone over 16 out, at £10/£15 per session. Trips are for members only, due to the extra work that goes into preparation and equipment hire.

Why do I have to pay extra for courses, trips and hiring equipment outside club nights?

Edge is run by volunteers and has no guaranteed income. We rely on membership fees and apply for funding where we can, but this only just about covers what we have and do. If you have any ideas for who can fund us, please let us know!

Everyone seems to have loads of special kit. What do I need?

Don’t rush to buy anything yet! There’s plenty you can beg or borrow. Ask canoeists for good places to buy kit so you don’t get a bad deal. See the trips & kit page.

Who are Blades?

Hammersmith Blades is Edge’s sister club. As an Edge member you get great benefits like access to river sessions and trips at the same price as Blades members.

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