Equipment & Hire

EDGE has a small but high quality fleet:

  • 6 carbon fibre canoe polo boats + paddles (full team + 1), acquired through generous funding from Sport England
  • 7 carbon fibre Nigel Dennis sea kayaks + paddles (on loan from the kind Mattias Altin)
  • An assortment of playboats and river runners
  • 8 white water boats, acquired through generous funding from Sport England

Plus buoyancy aids suitable for all grades of water including white water, canoe polo balls and safety equipment.

Furthermore, the club benefits from full access to Brentford Boating Arch’s equipment (paddles, buoyancy aids, general purpose boats etc).

Hire of equipment

Edge equipment can be requested for personal use for all members on proof of the following

  • over 16 years of age
  • BCU 2 star qualification
  • FRST qualification
  • Site Specific Certification for the Thames (if travelling on the Thames)


All boats (except sea kayaks): £5 half day / £10 full day.

Sea kayaks -for use outside officially run club events (*personal use) are charged at £10 half day / £20 full day. A charge is also required for use in club run sessions or trips, and is £5 half day/£10 full day. *Note any borrowing of club equipment for personal use, is done so completely at your own risk.

All use of club equipment must ALWAYS be requested by filling in this form. Under no circumstances should our boats or other equipment be taken from the arch unless your equipment request has been processed and agreed in advance (you should receive an email confirmation confirming your request is successful).

Equipment is hired out on a trust-basis. Any damage or loss will need to be paid for at the discretion of the Equipment Officer. Note that most paddlers start out begging and borrowing from others before building up stashes of kit – try that too!

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