Coaching & training

Edge is all about progressive paddling.

We provide a range of courses, or can let you know about opportunities coming up.

Foundation Safety & Rescue Training

Rescues – learn how to be rescued and get safely back in your boat, and rescue others. Essential for anyone going into moving water where they are likely to capsize.
4 hours, wet session

White Water Safety & Rescue

An advanced course for strong white water paddlers who will be leading and rescuing others.

Site Specific Training

For those wishing to coach with Edge or hire out equipment from Edge without a coach.
Syllabus to follow

First Aid Training

Useful for everyone and essential for coaches/group leaders. Can be 4-hour or 8-hour.

2-star Award

Competency on sheltered water. Forwards, backwards, turning, sideways, capsize, in both Kayak and open canoe.

3-star Award

Competency on moving water / surf / sea / in an open canoe (you choose your specialism)

4-star Leader award

Specialised – choose between sea, surf, white water and open canoe
2 days training, 2 days assessment.

Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning

Essential for the 4-star sea award. Useful for anyone looking to get into sea kayaking and route planning.


Rolling is a very useful skill, and necessary to be safe in fast moving water where you can capsize easily. We run rolling courses in the winter at pool sessions. Check the calendar for details.

Becoming a coach

If you’re keen on paddling, over 16, and would like to pass it on, you could easily train up to be a coach. There are five levels; a Level 1 coach can teach on the canal; a Level 2 can teach on the Thames (West London) etc to level 5 who can coach on crazy waterfalls and Hawaiian waves.

  • Coaching gives you confidence leading groups and adds to your skillset
  • Most volunteer coaches have won funding to cover at least part of the cost of the course and assessment, in exchange for volunteer hours. Contact us for details.
  • You’re free to choose your sessions. As a coach, safety of the group is paramount, however as a volunteer you can choose which sessions you want to do, so you’re not signing your life away.

Level 1

For coaching on sheltered water – the canal or pool or small lakes, max 6 students in group.
3 days of training and 1 of assessment

You also need a 2-star award (competent paddler), a 4-hour first aid certificate, to have completed an “FSRT” (Foundations Safety and Rescue Training) and ~10 hours coaching experience before assessment


Level 2

For moderate water – the Thames, West London, max 8 students in group.
3 days of training and 1 of assessment
Two x 3-star award (or 1 x 3-star + 1 x CPD unit)
8-hour first aid certificate
FSRT (Foundations Safety and Rescue Training).
Perform roll on demand (can fail the first)
~20 hours coaching experience before assessment

Further resources

There’s a lot of info from the British Canoe Union (paddlesport’s national governing body).

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