Edge Vogalonga 2012 Trip Report

It all began in Venice more than 30 years ago when some friends organized a regatta.  Since then, fans of paddle sports from all over the world gather together to celebrate the city, its traditions and to protest against the motorboat-generated swell. Each year over 1500 boats participate in this visual feast, and in 2012 the fleet included 3 Edge sea kayakers

We booked a three day package through Venice Kayaks info@venicekayak.com operated by Rene, a very friendly Dane and experienced kayaker who knows ‘the places’ to go in Venice!  Day 1- Exploring lagoon and marshes around the islands including Murano, famous for its glass-making .  Day 2 – guided tour of the city of Venice taking in the beautiful architecture and avoiding the Gondoliers!  Day 3 –  the Vogalonga!  Joined with the other 1500 entrants to complete this 30k ‘race’ around Venice – the pictures may give a little idea of this memorable event.

Very well run trip, full of exquisite experiences and with a truly international flavour.  By far the best way to see Venice and at a very affordable price.  Highly recommended for Edge paddlers of all abilities – sign up for Vogalonga 2013!

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