Incident Management Course (Sea Kayaking) 25th/26th June

Any group or individual is only as strong as their weakest link.  Where is yours?!  Are you fully prepared for that first incident?  Have you pressure tested your group skills and procedures in a variety of different environments or situations?  This course is designed to teach you skills and procedures that will help you to develop a step by step thought process, to enable you to handle many potential incidents on the sea under pressure. With poor or no possible landings we will be forced to deal with sea sickness, dislocated shoulders, a trapped paddler, heart attack, holes in boats, broken paddles, lost equipment, imploded hatch covers, hypothermia, very difficult landings, capsizing while towing amongst other bad things! After two days of these scenarios our aim is to decrease the chances of these incidents from occurring and increase your ability to deal with them.  At the end of the course you can be awarded the BCU Fundamental safety and rescue qualification (FSRT).

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