Polo: West London Inter-Club Friendly Tournament

On 21st April (as part of the St Georges Day event in Brentford) Edge are running a West-London inter-club friendly polo tournament at Brentford Finger Dock. The teams competing in this Event will be our neighbouring clubs Chiswick Pier, Blades, and us, the hosting team Edge. This is designed as a super-friendly event, and might even attract new people to the sport of paddling/polo! We hope that a bit of healthy inter-club rivalry will be created in this event!

We are seeking all Edge members to speak up if they would like to be part of Team Edge. No previous Polo experience is necessary, and we will be running training sessions in the pool throughout March for those who feel they need to get a bit of practise in beforehand.  If you would like to get involed in this event either in the organisation or to be part of the team please email enquiries@edgepaddling.com.

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