Sea Kayaking Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sea Kayaking sessions are set to start in the new year. See the current programme for a list of dates and more details.
These trips are informal sessions and may not always contain coaches for skills improvement.
Trips are open to all 2* standard paddlers with site specific safety training for this part of the Thames.
Please bring all the usual kayaking stuff together with a flask of something hot, a chocolate biscuit or two, and some money for food or refreshments at one of the pubs along the way.
Please contact in the week before each trip to book a place.  If you are interested in attending the sessions but are not at the standard listed above, please contact us on the above email address so we can find a training sessions for you, and/or see if a coach is available to attend the trip.
Please also get in touch if you’re interested in joining future trips and would like to take the site specific training.
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