Overview of Edge, 2011

Exerpt from the minutes of the AGM, 24th November 2011

The last 12 months have been both exciting and challenging for Edge
Edge has gone from a club in its infancy, to one that is now finding a clear direction within the sport of kayaking.

Club Development
Edge has found a clear direction this last 12 months. We have secured a grant for both polo and sea kayaking and both those programmes have been launched and are starting to gather momentum. A recent grant for sea kayaking won by our sister club Blades means that between the two clubs we now have more equipment and enthusiasm within a pool of two clubs to achieve more than ever.

In terms of our coaching team, we started off almost entirely dependent upon just a couple of level 3 coaches; Paul Hyman and Phil Robinson (aka Elmo)

We currently have 3 active regular level 2 coaches, and one level 3 coach running our regular club nights. There is still currently very high dependency on these few coaches to run much of Edges activities. We have other Level 1 and 2 coaches who also provide a great support to the club which is also very appreciated.

In 2011 we have successfully trained up 4 members as level 1 coaches. We are soon to have another level 2 coach trained up!

In addition to this we have one member trained as 4* sea leader – which will be a great progression towards getting our Sea Kayaking Programme growing within Edge.

Coaching 2012
In 2011 we hope to see more Edge members being trained up as new club coaches, this is a key goal as the coaching team as the backbone of Edge.

We are still far too dependent on too few coaches and it is very important we strive to provide a larger pool of coaches in the foreseeable future to reduce the workload on our current team before they reach burnout!

It is clear that we need to push forward with getting more coaches this year- as training numbers were too low in 2011 and we also need to allow for a drop out rate (people moving away etc).

Our membership currently stands at a total of 32 members  (down 13 from last year)

Adults and Juniors
80% are over 18.

Gender Balance
34% of our total membership group are female. (24% in 2010) +10%
28% of our junior section is female (30% in 2010) -2%
36% of our adult section is female  (21% in 2010) +15%

Longer term our aim is for a 50/50 gender balance in the club. Although membership is down- we have begun to improve the gender balance.

We need to improve our membership numbers- working on advertising in the local community and working with our partners BBA on this!

Club activity 

Between October and Spring Edge offered:

  • approx 6 pool sessions on Monday evenings at Isleworth pool – which I’m pleased to say should continue throughout the winter season of 2011/12
  • 4  Club nights dedicated to Youth Games Training and also running the Youth Games Trials
  • 9 Club nights specifically focussed purely on training for Canoe Polo at the canal
  • 17 Club night sessions of general kayaking on the river at Kew
  • On these club nights alone we have benefited from an estimated 120-180 man hours from our voluntary coaches

In addition to club nights we ran or attended:

  • A weeks surf trip on the west coast of Ireland
  • 3* Sea Kayaking Assessment
  • Various Weekend Sea Kayaking trips including The Jurassic Coast, Pembrokeshire, The Sussex Coast  etc.
  • Attended Anglesey Sea Kayaking Symposium
  • An Edge team trained up and attended the London Kayakathon 2011
  • A white water trip to Nottingham
  • Numerous Weekend Sea Kayaking day trips on the Thames
  • Supported BBA/Isis at the Brentford Festival and St Georges Day

Please note that Edge’s continued relationship with ISIS almost certainly helped secure another container Edge (shared with Think360)

Having this extra storage is such an asset to Edge, offering us many more opportunities for the future.

Committee members voted in:

Chair – Debs
Vice Chair/Development – Graham
Equipment – Steve
Communications – Annette
Social Secretary – Steve
Club Secretary – Terry
Membership – Terry
Child protection – Dinis
Training – Paul
Treasurer – Colum
Prog co-ordinator – Hugh
Prog co-ordinator – POLO – Hugh


Junior Rep – Francesca
Junior Rep  – Robbie


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