Help clear out the second arch on 23rd Nov or 25th Nov

The  good folk from GSK have an annual community volunteering Project and on Thursday 24th Nov they have very kindly agreed again to send a team of volunteers down to help tidy, paint, etc the 2nd arch.  So amazing.

The plan is to paint the racking, touch up the walls, generally tidy up the last bit of the arch mess and if time and our budget allows paint the floor. The arches are really coming together  to be better working/storgage environments and with everyone’s help and efforts this is so achievable and just fantastic for a great 2012 season for everyone.

So, if anyone is available on Wed 23rd Nov to help move any old BBA/Edge kit Friday 25th to help move stuff back that would be greatly appreciated! 

Email us if you can spare an hour or two or whatever on 23rd or 25th! Thanks!

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