Meet the 2,404 Miles Mississippi Paddler

Wednesday 19th October, 18:30

Find out how a Londoner paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River breaking 2 world records in 2011. Find out why and meet the man in person.

Dave’s reputation as a modern-day adventurer is growing fast. His Expedition1000 project – 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non-motorised transport – has been heralded as one of the most ambitious adventure projects of our time.

Dave was the first person to skateboard the length of Britain, before he took his board 3618 miles across Australia to begin his Expedition1000 odyssey. He has paddled two of the world’s longest rivers from source to sea: 1480 miles along Australia’s Murray River by kayak and a record-breaking 2404 miles by Stand Up Paddleboard on the Mississippi River. Dave has crossed England and Lake Geneva by Stand Up Paddleboard, broken a speed record on a human powered hydrofoil and ridden a tandem bicycle 1400 miles in 14 days between Vancouver, BC and Las Vegas. He is currently preparing to row an ocean, ski to the south pole and paraglide across the Himalayas, amongst other projects.

Dave has spoken to audiences on five continents, presenting stories from his richly documented expeditions in a stunning visual shows that combine a sharp sense of humour with a passion for making the most out of life. Dave’s ability to infect his audiences with enthusiasm and determined self-belief continues to win him acclaim with audiences of all ages.

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