Sept 24th/25th – BCU 3 Star White Water Course

At National Water Sports Centre – Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

£65.00 for Blades and Edge Canoe club members, £130.00 for non-members

The 3 Star award is a superb course with a wealth of content for anyone wishing to progress, to a moving water environment such as the Lower Tryweryn (Wales) or Lower Dart (Devon). It is also a prerequisite for the BCU Level 2 Coach award.

On the course we will introduce aspects of decision making, safety and tactics in river running and learn some of the key skills required to safely and enjoyably deal with easy river rapids up to grade 2. Specific elements covered in the course include:

Personal Paddling Skills
Lifting, carrying, launching and landing; Efficient forward and backwards paddling; Moving sideways; Support strokes; Rolling; Breaking in and out of the flow; Ferry gliding.

Rescue skills
Deep water rescue; Towing and use of a towing aid; Eskimo rescue; Throw lines.

Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
Personal risk management; Awareness of others; Paddle a section of grade 2 water as part of a led group.

Equipment; Safety; Weather; Hypothermia; Access; Environment; Planning; Group awareness; General; Navigation; Etiquette.

To participate in this course you must be over 12yrs old (parental consent required for under18s), be able to swim and have at least some experience on moving water. The ability to roll is not essential for training but would be helpful. BCU 2 Star and FSRT awards are not required but would be beneficial as it provides a first contact with many of the elements covered.

This course is primarily training, but 3 Star certificates will be available for those deemed to be at the appropriate level at a cost of £10.00 for BCU members and £20.00 for non BCU members.

Enquiries to:

Miles McDermott (BCU L3 Coach)

Ph. 07903 034 808


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