Surf Kayaking trip to Ireland

06 – 14 September 2011

These trips are legendary as West Londoners have been going out to the far northwest tip of Ireland to surf since 2004.  Every trip has been classic with good surf, Guiness, spectacular scenery and good company.  On the last trip in 2009 we paddled with a school of dolphins in Sligo Bay – surfed the classic and remote Easkey Reef break – before heading north to even more remote and spectacular breaks in Donegal.  You will need to have a reliable roll to take part fully in this trip – although surf experience is not strictly necessary.  This is not an official club trip where everything is organised for the group.  We will operate as a group of friends and you will need to be confident to take part without constant supervision and coaching.  Those who take a chance may be rewarded with some of the best surfing and one the best kayaking weeks of their lives.   We may take a few SUPs out this year for variety – although the emphasis is on kayak surfing.
This is a relatively cheap trip as we camp or stay in surf hostels and share transport    Main cost is ferry, food and drink.

If you are interested or want more details please contact

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