Looking for a canoe polo development team

We now have 6 carbon polo boats and paddles arriving on Thursday 2nd June thanks to a grant from Sport England. These are top end kit – about as good as it gets.

This is a great opportunity for Edge and sister club, Blades, to unite to develop canoe polo as one of the club’s strong disciplines.

To make this happen we need a small group of people interested in polo development to get together and form a polo development team – or whatever you want to call it.  This team needs to develop an action plan to make polo happen over the next 3 years. This could include a friendly tournament to show off the sport either in summer at the Lock – or in autumn at a pool. In the autumn we can restart our pool sessions at Isleworth and polo can be part of the programme there.

If you are in any doubt – canoe polo is a lot of fun , builds transferable skills, fits well into club development and makes sense in West London where we have good pool space and the Finger Dock at Brentford.

Hope we can make it a brilliant project – email enquiries@edgepaddling.com to get involved!

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