Women's Surf Development Day, 22 May 2010

Ever wanted to learn to carve up a wave, improve your bongo skills, ….(Something else we did…) All on beautiful sandy Cornish beaches, with a cool group of women? Tina and I did, by joining Edge on one of the Women’s Surf Development Weekends (supported by the BCU).

On the first sunny summers weekend of the year we joined Debs and Annette, two of the women club members from Edge Kayaking to head down to Bude for some surf kayaking and a women’s surf development day.

The weekend started off well, with the girly car providing its own inhouse entertainment with Deb’s experimenting with exciting new food combinations- luxury marks n sparks custard and baby plum tomatos- together- it got us to Bude in time for last drinks at the local pub!

Surf was up the morning of our women’s surf development course- slight technicality being we were on the wrong beach! After finding our way to the right beach we were met by Simon Hammond- one time World Surf Kayak champion and our coach for the day.

The session started with taking us back to the basics and teaching us new ways of approaching some fundamental skills which we built on over the course of the day.

Simon Hammond is an incredibly dynamic and energetic coach who uses interactive coaching techniques- jumping on one leg, kayaking on a pile of sand, illustrative drawings- to illustrate techniques and moves.

He soon had us all carving up, down and around the waves!

The course ran from from 10 til 4. And provided us with plenty of time to try out new techniques and ask questions.

Sunday was another gorgeous sunny day where we got to practice our skills, and make the most of great surf and sandy beaches.

And for the guys out there- you can join the weekends too- you can either surf with other club members or arrange a coaching session.

Thanks to Edge for organising a fantastic weekend!

Nancy, friend of Edge

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