Fireworks Night Paddle goes off with a BANG!

PB050452On Bonfire night, two hours after dusk, two dozen kayakers, some young, some grey, novices and experts, launched from underneath Kew Bridge. Prepared with improvised lights attached to heads and torsos, our glow worm flotilla headed upstream into the darkness where trees line both banks. As we journeyed a mile and a half through inky waters, our chatting and splashing was only punctuated by ghostly rowing skiffs and startled ducks. In good time we arrived where the vista between Kew Palm House and Syon House crosses the river. We beached our boats and gathered on the tow path. Annette and Debs, whose generosity is only exceeded by their perspicacity, then produced flasks of hot mulled wine, which were given great fanfare as we waved sparklers like giddy children.PB050434As hot brews were downed and sparklers fizzled out, the sky then erupted as fireworks both fore and aft of Syon House, threw a rainbow of colours across the sandstone turrets and breadth of river. Upwards and outwards the display continued until we had run out of oohs and arrhs. Then like giant turtles we returned to the water where we belonged and drifted gently downstream. Having returned the boats to their storage, we then set upon the Bell & Crown with the hunger of those who have been doing outdoors exercise.

By Peter Hughes (Newest Edge Member!)

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